Veterinarian and Pet Care in Carmel, IN

One of the most common misconceptions about veterinarians is that you only need to take your pet to visit your vet when you suspect that they are sick or in need of medical attention. However, any good veterinarian, in Carmel or otherwise, will offer a range of other important services that can benefit both you and your pet.

Types of services that your Carmel, IN veterinarian can support you and your pet with

There are many different types of pet care services that your Carmel veterinarian can help you and your pet with. These include the following:


Preventative care

Preventative care is something that every responsible pet owner should make a priority. There are many different diseases and health problems that can affect our animals, a huge number of which are entirely preventable. These include infectious diseases to parasites and conditions that occur as a result of issues such as obesity. Your Carmel vet can help you will all manner of preventative care for your pet, recommending vaccinations, treatments and schedules which will help keep him safe from as many illnesses as possible. This will also help to avoid the inconvenience and expense of extensive medical care.


Annual wellness checks

Just like you, your pet can benefit from a general health check at least once a year. These appointments are valuable as they can enable vets to spot developing health problems before symptoms become apparent, facilitating prompt treatment and a better overall outcome for your furbaby. The outcome of these checks will be tracked so that your Carmel veterinarian can monitor the results and watch for any unfavorable patterns.


Spay/Neuter services

As responsible pet parents, we have a responsibility to make sure that our animals don’t reproduce unnecessarily. There is already a huge overpopulation of unwanted pets living in shelters and foster care across America, and countless more are euthanized every year simply because there aren’t the resources to care for them. There are also considerable health and behavioral benefits to removing your pet’s reproductive capabilities. Your veterinarian will be able to perform the necessary spay or neuter service to prevent your pet from procreating.


Nutrition support

What our animals eat is crucial to their growth and development, and their day to day wellbeing. However, with so many different products to choose from it can be difficult to tell which is right for our pet and exactly how much he should be eating. It is also important to remember that an animal’s nutritional requirements change during their lifetime. Your vet will be happy to guide you through this process and help you identify what your pet should be eating and how much he needs to keep him healthy and his weight stable.


Behavior support

Behavior is something that can make or break a bond between a pet and his owner. However, our pets don’t understand what constitutes bad behavior straight away and need to be taught – a process that can take considerable time and, on our part, patience! Your Carmel veterinarian can support you in every aspect of behavior training and management. This includes advice on:

  • Toilet training

  • Chewing

  • Socialization

  • Obedience training


If your pet’s behavior suddenly seems to change, it could indicate that he has an underlying health problem, and so it is important to get him checked out by your vet.


If you live in Carmel, IN and would like more information on what your veterinarian can offer in the way of pet care, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced veterinary team.


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