Pet Pain Solutions

Veterinary science has come a long way over the last 15 years. One of the technological advancements gaining in widespread popularity is cold laser therapy. Cold laser therapy is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment for pets that helps to relieve and manage pain, boost the immune system, and expedite the healing process. But how is laser therapy used for pain management? Does it actually help your pet? Let’s have a look.

My Pet Is In Pain?

Many pet owners don’t realize that their cherished pets rarely if ever show signs of pain. Animals are wired to hide signs of weakness, like pain, to ensure survival. This response is still triggered in pets even though they are not wild animals. Many pets are silently living in pain due to various health issues such as back pain, joint problems, oral health issues, and more.

Finding out that your pet is in pain, and may have been for some time, is often disconcerting. The good news is, there are some great options for pain management and pain relief available from your veterinary professional. One of the safest and most effective treatments uses a specialized kind of laser to help relieve your pet of pain, inflammation, and expedite healing.

Cold Laser Therapy – A Pain-Free Approach

Laser therapy for pets uses the body’s natural chemical response to light in order to assist in the healing process. It employs a form of light that penetrates deep into their tissue causing a chemical reaction referred to as ‘photobiostimulation.’ Through the release of endorphins, photobiostimulation relieves pain and stimulates accelerated cellular repair and healing.

This is a very pleasant experience for your pet. The release of endorphins causes a warm and comforting experience as the laser triggers it’s intended response. Depending on your pet’s condition, most treatments will last between three to eight minutes per affected site. Improvement is typically seen after the first visit and is cumulative – additional treatments facilitate increasingly more improvement.

Each session is unique to the condition of your pet. Your veterinarian will help to determine the ideal treatment plan and schedule best suited to your pets needs.

What Can Pet Laser Therapy Help Treat?

Because cold laser therapy can have such an impressive effect on treating pain, it can be used on a wide variety of ailments. It is not used for everything, however, and is not recommended for certain conditions. Cancer, for instance, may actually grow faster if light therapy is used. Your vet will know what is within the normal range of use and will suggest laser treatments only for the conditions it can help alleviate. A few of these conditions are:

  • Trauma – This includes tendon, muscle, and ligament injuries. Surgery procedures are quicker to heal.

  • Pain in joints, back, and jaw.

  • Infections – such as ear or anal gland infection.

  • Oral health problems such as gingivitis

  • Hip dysplasia, degenerative disc disease, arthritis.

  • Open wounds, inflammation, and hot spots.

This is not a fully comprehensive list, and your vet will be able to determine if your pet’s condition will benefit from cold laser therapy or not.

Zero Side-Effects

The great thing about cold laser therapy for pets is that it does not have any known adverse side effects. It is a totally pain-free (and even comfortably pleasing) therapeutic experience your pet will enjoy. Whether it’s recovering from surgery, relieving painful inflammation, or helping to heal from some form of blunt trauma, your pet will be happy to receive this kind of treatment.

Final Thoughts

Laser therapy used for pain management is one of the safest and most effective technological solutions available today. As it is now enthusiastically adopted by more and more veterinarians, your pet may be able to receive a laser therapy session during your next scheduled vet visit. Reach out to your vet today to talk about scheduling an appointment to see if laser therapy is a great solution for your pet.