Things to Consider Before you Bring your Dogs to the Beach

On a hot day in summer, what better than to head to the beach for the day? With miles of shoreline to explore, sand to dig in and water warm enough so that you enjoy a paddle or full-on swim, a trip to the coast can be fantastic fun for humans and dogs alike. However, before you pack up the car and head out, there are still some considerations you should make before you bring your dog to the beach.

Are they allowed on the beach?

It may sound like a silly question, but unfortunately there are many beaches where dogs just aren’t welcome, and you wouldn’t want to make the effort to travel to a location to have to leave again. Make sure you opt for a beach where even the furriest members of your family can enjoy themselves.

Think about safety in the water

Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs are natural swimmers. In fact, some can’t swim at all. This means that you may want to think about teaching your dog to swim safely – a process that usually takes a number of sessions. Even if your furbaby can swim well, you should never let him out of your sight in the water as he could still get into difficulty and need assistance. Many owners prefer not to let their dogs go to deep for this reason. You could also invest in a doggy life vest which will help aid his buoyancy and let him concentrate on having fun.

Your dog needs sunscreen too

You will probably automatically pack sunscreen for yourself, but did you know that it is just as important for your pet? This is especially true if your cuddly canine is a short-haired breed. You can buy specially-designed doggy sunscreen – make sure you apply it liberally to areas where there is exposed skin such as his nose, underbelly and ears.

Make sure you have some shade available

If your chosen beach doesn’t have any natural shade, consider taking a pop-up beach tent or large parasol with you so that both you and your furry companion can escape the direct sunlight if you need to.

Take plenty of water

Needless to say, it gets very hot at the beach, and since seawater isn’t any good for your anyone to drink including your dog, you should make sure you have adequate hydration for every member of your family who is with you. Don’t forget your dog needs something appropriate to drink out of such a collapsible bowl or dish.

Don’t forget the poop bags

When you have a dog, you are on poop scoop duty every moment of the day no matter where you are. Pack a half dozen in your picnic basket or rucksack so that you have them to hand when your furbaby goes to do his business. If there aren’t any trash cans around for disposal you will want to double-bag his doo-doo until you can get to one!

Cleaning up

Sand inevitably gets pretty much everywhere, and you probably know yourself how uncomfortable it can get when certain areas of your body are affected. Your dog’s face is bound to get covered and you will need to carefully remove as much as you can from around his nose and eyes so that they do not become sore or irritated. Take a soft microfiber cloth with you for this job. Once you get back home, give your pooch a nice shower to rinse away as much sand and salt as possible and allow his skin to breathe.

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